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AdAway v4.0.2-180509 Cracked APK

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AdAway v4.0.2-180509 Cracked APK AdAway is a utility used to manage hostile entries; your phone must be rooted to use this app. AdAway doesn’t directly block ads; it limits unwanted ads by blocking servers that distribute those ads to websites. Modifying host file entries is also useful in blocking ads on some Android apps.

AdAway v4.0.2-180509 Cracked APK

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AdAway v4.0.2-180509 Cracked APK [Latest] Free Version

1. Root access: To write hosts file to system partition
2. Internet access: To download hosts files
3. Modify/delete SD card content: To export lists to SD card
4. Wakelock: Wake up the phone when AdAway updates in the background
5. Google Play Billing: To donate via Google Play Store


  1. ROOT
  2. Read/Write access to the system partition

AdAway v4.0.2-180509 Cracked APK

Add support for ChainFire’s SuperSU “bind sbin” systemless mode – by @PerfectSlayer
Improve systemless activation error handling – by @PerfectSlayer
Improve su location detection – by @tstaylor7
Update Mongoose web server – by @0-kaladin
Replace CyanogenMod references by LineageOS – by @ghost
Update translations – by @mattter, @mission712, @ThomasSmallert and @muzena
Fix translation attributes – by @Vankog
Fix Magisk 15.x support – by @pec0ra

How To Install?
1. Uninstall Old Version
2. Download and Install APK
3. Done, Enjoy


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AdAway v4.0.2-180509 Cracked APK Download

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